Aluminium Products

  1. Aluminium Rods

    Aluminum is greatly sturdy in nonpartisan and marginally corrosive situations. In conditions portrayed by high corrosiveness or high basicity, erosion is fast. Aluminum Rods are non-attractive (really paramagnetic) material. To dodge impedance of magnetic fields, our rods are regularly utilized in magnet X-beam equipment.
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  2. Aluminium Wire Rod

    Aluminum Wire Rod can be dissolved, thrown, framed as well as machined much like metals. It transmits electric current. Truth is told, frequently a similar gear and creation techniques are utilized with respect to steel. Aluminum normally produces a defensive oxide covering and is exceedingly erosion safe.
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  3. Aluminium Channels

    Distinctive sorts of surface treatment, for example, anodizing, painting or lacquering can additionally enhance the property of our Aluminum Channels. These are especially helpful for usages where assurance and protection are demanded. This property has made our channels the most regularly utilized material in real power transmission lines.
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  4. Aluminium Profiles

    The utilization of Aluminum Profiles in vehicles decreases dead-weight as well as vitality utilization while expanding load limit. Their quality can be adjusted to the usage required by altering the structure of the amalgams. In addition, our profiles are pliable and have low softening point alongside thickness.
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